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Coach D's FULL Flag Football Playbook (130 Plays + Templates)
Coach D's FULL Flag Football Playbook (130 Plays + Templates)
Coach D's FULL Flag Football Playbook (130 Plays + Templates)
Coach D's FULL Flag Football Playbook (130 Plays + Templates)
Coach D's FULL Flag Football Playbook (130 Plays + Templates)
Coach D's FULL Flag Football Playbook (130 Plays + Templates)
Coach D's FULL Flag Football Playbook (130 Plays + Templates)

Coach D's FULL Flag Football Playbook (130 Plays + Templates)

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Need Proven Plays and Templates?

This Youth Flag Football Playbook will give you EVERYTHING you need to crush it as a flag football coach so you can focus on making an incredible impact on those kids and your community as a whole.  


Included in the FULL Playbook: 

  • 130 Proven Plays: Hand-picked and proven to work for any age group and situation. Ideal for wristbands - but you can also get 1, 4, or 9 plays printed per page.
  • Exclusive videos:
    • Plays Walk-Through - I'll walk you through each play, sharing why it was selected and the secret to making it work.  Perfect to pass on to parents and players to help them learn the plays.
  • FREE Meet & Greet Schedule Sample: Minute-by-minute Meet & Greet schedule I use every year, along with links to videos to give you specifics on each warmup, drill, etc.  (Customized to each grade level)
  • FREE Practice Schedule Sample: FULL practice mapped out for you and your other coaches.  Minute-by-minute sample practice schedule I use for every practice.  I include links to specific warm-ups and drills, along with time for breaks, running plays, and more. 
  • FREE Wristband-ready printable play-sheets: Want to use wristbands like I do? Perfect, you’ll receive bonus PDF play-sheets sized for wristbands. Simply print, laminate, put in the wristbands, and go! Call plays from the sideline and let your players execute. I LOVE wristbands and these are the EXACT plays I use each season. 


  • 130 Plays so you are only using the best plays
  • Practice Schedule sample 
  • Exclusive walk-through video of every play (sent immediately after checkout)
  • Print-Ready plays Get exclusive PDFs with the exact sizes needed for wristbands. Simply print, insert, and go!

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Used by hundreds of coaches

👉🏻 Are you a new flag football coach looking for tools to help you figure out how to coach your son or daughter's flag football team in little to now time?

👉🏻 Were you thrown into coaching and are now stressed on where to start?

 Do you NOT want to let your kid(s) and other players and parents down?

👉🏻 Are you a 2nd or 3rd year coach looking for a way to compete with the elite teams or at least win a few games?


🔥 Perfect!!  That's why I created this Playbook (plus bonus Starter Pack) for you.  I was right where you are and it took me hours and years to get there and compile all these resources.

This Playbook will give you EVERYTHING you need to crush it as a flag football coach so you can focus on making an incredible impact on those kids and your community as a whole.  


My Quick Story: My name is Coach D (Dwight) and 5 years ago my wife signed me up to coach my son and daughter's flag football team.  I had NO IDEA where to start as I had never coached before.  With little resources online, I just started compiling best practices, building plays, drills, and just tried to make it as fun as possible for the kids.  It worked!  Win or lose, every kid loved coming to that field and I got tons of messages of gratitude and appreciation.  From there I was hooked.  I started creating drills and videos for my players to practice throughout the week.  I sent videos to parents to get them involved.  That turned into the Youth Flag Football with Coach D YouTube Channel where I now offer free tutorials, drills, and best practices for coaches, parents, and even players all around the world!

The #1 request I kept getting from coaches was plays, plays, and more plays!  Over the last 5+ years I was creating and tweaking plays for my teams and we kept improving as we mastered the plays.  We now use wristbands (started with 1st graders) and I'm constantly improving my playbook.  This is the first time I am sharing my playbook with other coaches! 😬  After so long, it is an honor to share these proven plays with you to help you boost your confidence and be an even more effective coach.

Here's what you will find in Coach D's Playbook:

Save time and energy finding the BEST plays!

    The Best 130 plays in flag football!  Don't spend time finding plays, I did it for you!!
    I personally created and tested hundreds of plays using the PLAYMAKER X app.  I watched hours of games live and on YouTube at all levels, looking for the best of the best plays.  I also watched college and the NFL to add key elements to each play.  Then I tested them with my teams.  I cut out the ones that didn't work, and I selected ONLY THE BEST PLAYS!

    Learn WHEN and WHY to use each play!

    Formation breakdowns:  I will give you my best practices and when to use each formation.

    Print-Ready for Wristbands or easy play-calling!

    Want to print out the plays for wristbands or for calling plays in the huddle? DONE!! FREE printable playsheets for wristbands or EASY huddle play calling.

    FREE Bonuses:

    (VIDEO) Quickly learn each play ($47 value)

      120 Play Walk-Through Exclusive video - I'll show you my favorite plays and how I categorized plays for "Tournaments" "Player Favs" "Trick Plays" and more.  (~45 mins)

      (VIDEO) Quickly learn how to print out the plays and create wristbands ($47 value)

      How-To Exclusive video - I walk you through my EXACT process of getting ready for game-time. From printing to completion - I'll show you how to create wristbands in a short amount of time. You'll LOVE the impact it has on the field.  (~20 mins)

      Email and Text Templates to easily communicate with parents and players ($97 value)

      I send a lot of texts and emails to parents throughout the season.  I included my actual pre and post game texts along with my long Introduction Email is send at the beginning of each season.  (SO MUCH TIME SAVED HERE!)

      Conduct Effective Practices without Thinking!! ($97 value)

      Sample Meet & Greet Schedule: I have mapped out minute by minute exactly what my Meet & Greet looks like, along with links to videos to give you specifics on each warmup, drill, etc.  (This is my exact schedule)

      Sample Practice Schedule: I also mapped out my minute by minute practice schedule I use as a framework for every practice.  I include sample warm-ups and drills, along with breaks, Word of the Week, plays allocation, and more.  (I adjust it based on focus and ages, but this is my starting point) - includes links to drills, warmups, etc.

      Coach D's Passing Route Tree ($47 value)

      I give you details of 9 passing routes I teach my players, including my top 5.
      • This is a key tool to help you adjust to 6v6 or 7v7 or 8v8, you simply choose a placement for the additional player(s) in an existing 5v5 flag football plays and give them a route to run, SIMPLE.  No need for additional 5v5 flag football playbooks!


      All of these resources take the guesswork and mental legwork out of coaching.  Whether you are a first time coach or you've been coaching for a while, these resources together will bring you tons of value.  

      30-Day 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE!


      👇🏻  Get my FULL Playbook Now 👇🏻  



      Coaches like you are already talking about Coach D’s FULL Playbook: 

      "Coach D...We had our first game last week, and your program was invaluable!!  We pulled off a 34-0 win (I've never played or coached football before, just filled the spot to keep the season alive) mainly running plays 1-6 and with a 2-3-1 zone defense.  The kids love the kids flag football drills and your practice schedule makes life easy!!" - Coach Travis


      "Plays look great...Coach D, I just wanted thank you again. I took your advice and went back to the basics this week. I simplified the offense and drilled hard on flag pulling and man to man coverage. Your advice and videos paid off big time! We tied the #1 ranked team out of 32 teams!!!" -Coach Joseph


      "The playbook is awesome!  I liked the variety of plays, especially for exploring playactions. Coach D is the Shanahan of Flag Football 😆" - Coach Paulo


      "Coach D took some of ur advice today and won both semi finals games off to the Superbowl tomorrow. I have to say it's my first time coaching and I studied all ur videos. If it wasn't for your training videos I don't think my team would have been as successful this year. Thanks!" - Coach Edward


      "Coach D's playbook is awesome!  It's made a huge difference for our team. Since implementing these plays we've been winning! Thank you Coach D!" -Lifegate Acupuncture


      "Thank you for the excellent playbook...I greatly appreciate your help.  Your playbook and YouTube videos are awesome!!!" - Coach Javier


      Bottom line, just like the tutorials, drills, and principles I coach in my YouTube videos, THIS STUFF WORKS!   Feel free to scroll through the hundreds of comments on the YouTube Channel and read testimonial after testimonial of new and tenured coaches just like you and me who have experienced success through these resources.

      I have learned to love this game and the experience of coaching each season, so I look forward to working with you to help you become the best coach you can be. 

      -Coach D 



      30-Day 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE!

      LIMITED-TIME FULL Playbook Special
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      100% Money Back Guarantee.  I know these resources work, so I'm offering you a NO-RISK Guarantee!  If you don't LOVE my Coach D's FULL Playbook, please let me know and I will refund your money immediately!