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Flag Football Tutorial | Offense Plays That Work | Get My Playbook | Strategy | Run & Pass

Use this video as a guide on how to develop and run plays, use different formations, strategize progressions, develop rotations, select player positions, decide how many plays to use and so much more.

I walk you through how I develop plays and how to use the 100+ plays I have created to get your team up and running and scoring more touchdowns.


Youth (5-pack):

Youth (10-pack):

Adult: (6-pack)

QB tutorials:



  • Thank you so much for this link. Is there a way I can purchase the playbook bundle and football. It says it can’t deliver to my address. This will definitely help for my first game. Thank you again.

    Jamie Oliver
  • First time coach.

  • Hey coach! I was a first time coach last year. Your drills and plays helped so much. Keep doin what you’re doin!

    Kevin Borman
  • Coach D- I used your 5v5 plays and just completed an undefeated season. We are moving to 7v7 now so I ordered your 7v7 plays. They were supposed to come with a code to access your plays on playmaker but I never received it. Could I please receive that code and if possible also receive access to your top 16 5v5 plays because I really like those plays and would like to simply add two additional routes to our best plays from last season. Also wondering if you have any recommendations/best practices for 7v7 defensive formations. Thanks!

    Allen Hermeling
  • Please let me know how to get a copy of the playbook.

    Tully McCoy

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