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Flag Football Receiver Routes- WR techniques Catching and Route Running - Wide Receiver Tips that Work!

Flag Football Receiver Routes

Here's a coaching tutorial to help your Wide Receivers learn and practice the basics.

Principles covered:

  • Catching the ball: Diamond & Pinkies
  • Stance
  • Lining up on the line of scrimmage
  • Route running
  • 5 Routes to perfect
  • 1. Post
  • 2. Quick slant
  • 3. Out
  • 4. In
  • 5. Fly

Practice these principles consistency to improve WR technique and to boost receptions. Catch for more yards, more first downs, more touchdowns, win more games, and have tons of fun!

Help your players become star wide receivers.

Perfect Your Team's Skills with Our Flag Football Receiver Routes

Do you want to elevate your team's flag football plays to the next level? Become the best coach you can be and perfect the skills of each and every player in your team. Any receiver on your team should have key fundamental skills and it is your job as their coach to ensure they reach their fullest potential.

We understand that there are many elements to coaching a flag football team and rest assured we are by your side every step of the way. With our flag football routes, you can maximize your player's skills and create meaningful plays that can be translated into game time.

Everything You Need to Know About Receiving Routes in Flag Football

Learn from Coach D himself, the flag football equipment that you need to use, the best receiver routes and the skills you need to look for in a player in order to achieve success. Let's break these down:


The main goal for the receiver is to catch the ball and get the first down or score a touchdown, avoiding being caught by the defense. In order to catch each and every pass, a quality pair of gloves is needed. This piece of equipment is non-negotiable and will give your player the grip to catch the ball and keep hold of it throughout their route.


From basic, fundamental routes to longer, complex routes, it is important for your players to have a wide selection in their repertoire. Save time, patience and stress by enlisting the help and support of Coach D. Providing you with a range of ideas and outlining the importance of each one, you are able to create meaningful routes. Surprising the defense and scoring has never been easier.


From speed to agility to hand-eye coordination, there are many skills that are present in a good receiver and can affect the route they run. A change of direction can be a fantastic move during a game to catch the defender off guard. With our guidance, you can maximize your player's skills and run routes that are guaranteed to win the game time and time again.

Get Comprehensive Flag Football Route Training Materials From Coach D

Alongside our fantastic flag football receiving routes, we have a range of other materials that can be utilized to deliver quality practices. Help your players to become the best flag football players that they can be with Coach D by your side. From practice schedules to flag football drill packs, and wristband-ready printable plays to versatile equipment, we have you covered. Achieving greatness has never been easier.

Perfect Your Wide Receiver Football Routes with an Agility Set

A big part of being a wide receiver is managing your momentum. Wide receivers often have to stop very suddenly and brace themselves for a pass from the quarterback. They might need to redirect in a split second to make the intended route and swing past the defenders without being deflagged. They might need to make small adjustments to their speed or footwork instantly while holding the ball to throw off the defense. Basically, wide receivers have to have seamless footwork to get in position for the perfect pass.

With that in mind, you can't go wrong with incorporating a wide receiver football routes & agility set into your training for the team. An agility ladder helps players balance their speed and their footwork; that way, they can move precisely without losing momentum. With cones, you can direct your players through sharp and difficult routes that test their ability to change directions while under high pressure. Receivers are constantly on the move, always shifting gears; you want to give them an exciting and engaging way to refine that skill over time.

Build the Ultimate Team Today With Coach D's Flag Football Route!

As a coach, it is your responsibility to lead your team to excellence. Sharpen the skills of your players, create new formations, perfect your receiving routes and elevate your team to the next level. But rest assured that you are not alone. With Coach D by your side, you can become the Complete Coach. Browse our packages, Complete Coach Bootcamp, and equipment today or get in touch for an expert flag football coaching tips, questions, and advice.

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