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5v5 Flag Football Playbook

When coaching flag football, it is important to combine fun with beneficial practice. With our collection of unstoppable 5v5 flag football plays, you can become the best coach you can be and give your players a flying start to their career. As a coach, the experiences you deliver will have an impact on whether your players develop a deep love for the sport and continue playing beyond their younger years.
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Want Fun and Creative 5v5 Flag Football Plays?

We understand the time, effort and creativity that is needed to consistently produce new and exciting sessions for your team so we have a selection of packages available. With a variety of options for all ages, you are sure to find flag football 5v5 plays, drills, templates and more for your team.

Elevate Your Team With This Unstoppable 5v5 Flag Football Plays

Utilize the time that you spend training with your team wisely and then watch as those skills translate onto the field. Your practice sessions are so important to developing camaraderie between players, learning formations, 5v5 flag football trick plays and more so it is important to make them as beneficial as possible. With the help of our 5v5 flag football playbook, you will have all of the skills and knowledge of flag football strategy that you need to deliver quality sessions each and every time.

At the forefront of the industry, Coach D has the knowledge and experience required to take your team to the next level. If you have the drive and passion needed to coach 5v5 flag football play, then you can benefit from purchasing one of our packages. Gone are the days of spending hours creating new flag football plays for 5v5. When you choose one of our packages, you are guaranteed quality training material that can be utilized time and time again to achieve results, no matter the age of your players.

You not only get plays, but everything you need to crush it as a coach - flag football drills, practices, templates, and other special features. That's one of our main differentiators, coaches can walk out on the field with 0 experience and crush it, not just with plays, but with everything.

Comprehensive 5v5 Flag Football Plays Packages that Guarantee Results

If you have the fundamental traits of a coach but are missing the material needed to deliver awesome practices and win some games, then you could benefit from our playbooks. Providing a range of flag football trick plays for 5v5, rest assured that you will find a package that suits your needs. Whether you are in need of extra material to add to your existing plans or full, comprehensive resources, or even a specific 5v5 flag football defense, we have you covered. In our range, you will find:

  • A minimum of 80 plays
  • Practice schedules
  • Exclusive videos
  • Drill packs
  • Templates
  • Wrist-band ready playsheets
  • Coach D's meet and greet schedule

... and so much more. Whatever you need to become the ultimate coach, we can provide.

5 on 5 Flag Football Plays Get Success Started Early

If you oversee a young flag football team, you want to pass on your knowledge and ideas and get the team playing well and winning. You know you’ve got it in you: whether you have never played a day in your life or you have all that history and experience. You’ve made the decision to lean into this role, but getting your team to succeed both individually and as a team can take a bit of organizing.

What we have done is develop a program that gives the kids a good idea of what it’s all about, so they can understand the game and get used to doing things the right way. With our 5 on 5 flag football plays and your personality, you can get them playing like young pros in no time. This stuff works and is used by thousands of coaches around the world. You’ve got this!

Fun and Much More: 5 on 5 Flag Football Plays

Flag Football is meant to be fun, particularly for youngsters. It is also meant to be enjoyable for the coach, but winning helps a lot, so our packages are designed to produce the good times that come with doing well. We’ll help you crush it as a Complete Coach, and we’ll help the team feel good about themselves so they can head into every game looking forward to it.

Contact Coach D Today and Let’s See How He Can Help You

Take a look at what Coach D has got to offer and whatever advice or explanation you need, he’ll be happy to help.

Introduce The New 5 on 5 Trick Plays in Flag Football Today

Change up your training sessions with our flag football trick plays for 5 on 5 today and take your team to the next level. Ensure your players reach their fullest potential with the help of Coach D. Give them the best start to their career with our materials. Browse our collections today or get in touch for personal tips and advice.
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5 v 5 Flag Football Formations

Split-back Formation

2 Running Backs behind the QB

  • 5-7 yards behind QB (to reach full speed at the line of scrimmage)
  • 5-7 yards from each other

Suitable for fakes or rush-heavy defense

Tight Formation

2 Running Backs on either side of the center – shoe to

shoe C is lined up about 7 yards out

Suitable for fakes and quick handoffs

Ideal for quick slant completions

Single-Back Formation

1 Running Back directly behind the QB or off to one side

  • 5-7 yards behind QB (to reach full speed at the line of

scrimmage) Suitable for fakes then long passes over the

defense (over the top) Good for power running or reverses

Twins Formation

No Backfield - 2 Wide Receivers | Running Backs stacked on one side

Good for reverses

Suitable for cross and quick slant routes

Trips Formation

All Wide Receivers & Running Backs line up on one side. It can be either tight or spread out, depending on the play. Good for throwing off defense (hurry up, so they don't have time to adjust). Suitable for fakes and trick plays.

SG (Shotgun) Formation

QB is 5-7 yards behind center. It takes a lot of practice (need a consistent Center). Good for avoiding the rush. Good for passing deep (over the top). Good for getting running Backs to run full speed.

5 on 5 Flag Football Passing Routes:

Flag Football Passing Route Tree
  1. Flat Route: Perfect for the screen pass (many leagues won't allow a pass behind the line of scrimmage, so check your rules and adjust accordingly)
  1. Quick Slant Route: Perfect for short, quick passes in between zone coverages. I use these a ton in my plays.
  1. Comeback Route: Outside curl – great for your short passing attack
  1. Curl Route: Perfect for your short passing attack, when they are covering your WRs deep, and you need a first down or are close to the endzone.
  1. Out Route: Make sure there is a substantial cut here, and the ball is thrown near the sideline so the WR can "win the sideline" for big yardage.
  1. In Route: Perfect with a fake handoff, then a quick pass over the middle in-between zone coverage. If congested in the middle, lead the WR closer to the sideline.
  1. Corner Route: If the CB (Cornerback) guards the WR on the inside, then the Corner is a great way to lose the coverage and "throw your WR open" on the sideline.
  1. Post Route: One of my favorites for deep completions "over the top" of the defense. I would use the Post with a hard cut to "shake" a fast CB and "free up" the WR.
  1. Fly Route: Perfect for the long ball when the defense allows the WR behind them. I usually like to do a fake handoff, then throw to the WR "over the top." This must be thrown as the WR is in full stride, so they can catch it and continue to run at full speed.

Play Breakdown:

A: Red: Running Back

B: Green: Running Back

C: Blue: Wide Receiver

CT: Yellow: Center

Q: Black: Quarterback

Star: Getting the ball (1st option – if not open, the QB can throw to the open player) BF, AF, CF: F means fake, e.g. QB Fakes a handoff to A then throws to C

B1, C2: a number after the letter means B would get the ball first, then throw it to C (or handoff)

Ball: handoff or point of completion for a Receiver

Dotted line: Where the pass is thrown

Here's Five Free Flag Football Plays on us!

Double Fake C Curl Fly Deep 5v5 Flag Football Passing Play

5 on 5 Play 1: Double Fake C Curl Fly Deep

Starting in a single-back formation, this passing play is a perfect way to open a drive or begin a set of downs. There's heavy motion in this play, which will create space on any Man defense.

The play begins with the CT snapping to the QB, who will then slightly roll toward the pocket.

The running back: "BF" will receive a fake handoff. Then they will fake a handoff to AF who is running a fake reverse. “BF” will continue to run up the right sideline as if they have the ball. AF will run up the left sideline as if they have the ball as well.

While the running backs and the quarterback are orchestrating their fake handoffs, the center will run 3-5 yards, break down and cut towards the sideline for a quick out route.

Finally, after the quarterback completes the fake handoff to BF, they should look to pass the ball to the left of the field, with their first option being their wide receiver one. Who has faked a comeback route, broke down, and launched out for a fly route. Timed well, the pass should be shortly after the wide receivers' breakdown, while the wide receiver has the most distance on their defender. This throw should go “over the top” of the defense and result in a touchdown.

Tight B Fake C Cross Right 5v5 Flag Football Passing Play

5 on 5 Play 2: Tight B Fake C Cross Right

This play starts in a Tight Formation and aims to get the ball in the hands of the wide receiver: "C". The play would be most appropriately used in short-yardage second and third-down situations, or even for the goalline..

After the snap, the quarterback will subtly cheat out to the left. The BF running back will receive a fake handoff between the CT and QB as they run a route out to the left side of the field.

The "A" Running back will run a quick out route once the ball is snapped, and the center: "CT", will run a corner route on a 55-degree angle.

Finally, the wide receiver: "C" will run a very shallow quick slant underneath the "A" and "CT". This will be the QB's preferred passing option who they should look to throw to. The ball should be thrown as C crosses the middle of the field, “throwing C open” - leading the receiver to the sideline.

SG B Fake C Cross 5V5 Flag Football Passing Play

5 on 5 Play 3: SG B Fake C Cross

A more challenging play than the first two, this play begins in a shotgun formation and is perfect for a 3rd and long situation.

The quarterback will line up in SG (Shotgun), 5-7 yards behind the center and receive a long snap. Be prepared and ensure you have a quality center to execute this play, the key is to buy time for the long pass, and if your snap isn't executed correctly, you can find yourself in all sorts of problems.

Once the ball is snapped, the quarterback will immediately begin the handoff fake to BF, who will continue the fake as they run a direct fly route. Additionally, immediately after the snap, the center should break into a fly route up the field.

The "C" wide receiver and the "A" running back (as a wide receiver) will both begin this play with quick, shallow slants (if the defense is covering short, they can go behind the first level of defense). The "C" should run 'underneath' the "A" so that they can create separation from their defender as the preferred target for the quarterback. The goal is to find a gap in the defense.

The quarterback should pivot their eye-line towards the "C" just after they cross underneath the "A" and then look to pass to the "C" as their preferred option as they separate from the middle.

SG B Fake A Sneak Cross Flat 5V5 Flag Football Passing Play

5 on 5 Play 4: Shotgun B Fake A Sneak Cross Flat

This play is a passing play that begins in the shotgun formation. Ideal for standard first or second downs early in a drive.

To begin, the center will snap the ball to the quarterback, who will offer the fake handoff to the "BF" in front of the QB. “BF” who will then move on a 45-degree angle towards the left of the line of scrimmage.

The "C" wide receiver and the center will both run fly routes up the field, while the "A" wide receiver will sneak underneath the center to the flat.

The quarterback should look to pass the ball to the outside of the "A" receiver (towards the sideline) for the receiver to catch and transition up the field.

Tight A to B Out 5v5 Flag Football Trick Play

5 on 5 Play 5: Tight A to B Out

Beginning in a tight formation, this play serves as a 5v5 flag football trick play as it transitions from a run into a pass to confuse the defense.

Starting with the routes:

  • The "C" wide receiver will make a 5-7 yard post route without having to worry about traffic.
  • The center will run a corner route underneath the "C" wide receiver.
  • The "B" wide receiver will run a simple out-route.

Here comes the trick: After the snap, the "A" wide receiver will run a flat and receive a handoff from the quarterback between the CT and QB. Then, the "A" will continue to run laterally as if they were about to cross the scrimmage line (make sure they do not actually cross it). Then they will pass it to the "B" receiver, who hopefully has had their defender drop off, as the defense should assume it's a run play at this point. The other options is the deep C post over the top.

Did these 5 on 5 plays work for you too?

At the top of the page, you can grab the rest of Coach D's Complete Coach playbook and have your team's plays ready for the whole season. There's no advantage like a comprehensive and easy-to-understand playbook, so get started with Coach D's unbeatable 5 on 5 playbook, the Complete Coach Package or 10 Play Bundles! Want to mix and match, customize, and build your own plays? Grab an access plan to Coach D’s Play Builder.

My Best 5 on 5 Flag Football Plays, Revealed.

There are hundreds of variations of basic flag football plays. But when it comes to the best flag football plays with 5 on 5 players, there's a handful of drills and plays that really, really work. So, if you're looking for easy flag football plays with 5 on 5 teams, you can find those below.

Of course, there'll be some more technically challenging plays too, but as the coach, it's your right to choose the plays that you think are most suitable for your team's age and ability. As your team increases in confidence and ability - hopefully scoring wins along the way - you might find that the best 5 on 5 flag football plays change, which is why I've included it all on this page. If you run a 6 v 6 or 7 v 7 team, please see my 6 on 6 flag football playbook or my flag football playbook for 7 on 7 teams, which have consistently been my bestsellers for good reason!

How To Get the Most From 5 on 5 Flag Football Run Plays

Passing a 5 on 5 flag football defense can feel like a daunting task, considering all the empty pitch space. But I've broken it down here into the top flag football plays that will be sure to be securing victories for your team! A strategy that I'd always recommend being familiar with is 5 on 5 flag football misdirection plays. The other team might happen to be quicker than yours - but they might not be smarter! A firm understanding of misdirection plays often features in some of the best 5 on 5 flag football plays. It's also something that you should include in your 5 on 5 flag football practice drills, so each of your players is familiar with the core principles of misdirection and strategy.

Another strategy to get totally comfortable with if you want to become a pro coach is 5 on 5 flag football run plays. Now, running plays are about more than handoffs - it's about positioning, skill, and knowledge of your players' abilities. The best running plays take advantage of this - as you can see below, they use the strength of every player to score goals. To get this nailed, try running plays and flag football handoff drills - guaranteed that you'll start seeing results soon enough.

Another winning strategy I always recommend as part of memorizing and perfecting your plays is wristbands. Wristbands are key for your players' confidence on the pitch, and will enable effective communication. But don't just take my word for it - the first year that my team wore flag football wristbands, they were undefeated.

From the Best Trick Flag Football Plays to the Best Defense for Flag Football 5 on 5, Discover Your Team’s Winning Strategy Here.

Coach D has you covered. If you've got any questions about 5 on 5 plays (or anything else flag football-related) - please get in touch. I love hearing from fellow flag football coaches and enthusiasts, and I'd be more than happy to point you in the right direction. And remember - the best flag football plays use your strengths as a coach. Get stuck into my flag football 5 on 5 plays - and let me know what you think!

Get The Best For Your Team With This In-Depth 5v5 Flag Football Play Video Walkthrough