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7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*
7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*

7-on-7 Coach D's COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE (ALL Playbooks + Drill Packs) *Most Popular*

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Here's The Complete Flag Football Playbook 7 on 7

Coaching any sport takes a special kind of person. Kids today need the experience of being part of a team, learning a physical sport and the highs and lows of winning and losing. It's such a valuable and important set of experiences for young people. Anybody stepping into coaching needs to do it with a great set of tools.
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The Coach D Complete Coach flag football playbook 7 on 7 gives you everything you need to crush it as a Complete Coach. You'll keep the kids focused and engaged through practice and each game, and the parents will be impressed with your practice structure and delivery. It really is a winning formula.

Coaching Plan For The Unstoppable 7 On 7 Flag Football Plays

All top coaches for any sport will agree that practices for kids and youths need to be fun, and full of changing activities, so that at the end of the session, they don't want to go home. With the Complete Coach 7 on 7 flag football playbook, you'll have the whole team working together and truly learning how to do better flag football plays. You'll be able to hold focused practice schedules, covering drills and play-calling strategies. You'll see the team's confidence grow and their enthusiasm for your practice sessions will win you their loyalty and admiration. Within this enjoyable coaching environment, the team will develop in a very positive and progressive way.

Coach D's Unstoppable 7 on 7 Flag Football Plays are Easy to Follow.

Coach D's Complete Coach training system has got so much in it. There are over 200 plays, 35 printable drills and 32 different practices, templates, tools and six exclusive videos. It really is a complete coaching package. The sessions are broken down into four age group brackets, from Pre-K to 8th Grade. Then there are the flag football offensive and defensive drill packs. The videos have walk-through guidance sections for all aspects of the sessions, including the meet and greet schedule and an 8-week practice format. We also offer 6 on 6 flag football plays

The whole pack is Print-Ready with a special section for wristbands, which you'll find extremely useful. In addition, all the templates can be printed and laminated to be used again and again. In addition to the 7 on 7 package, there's a whole rack of flag football coaching tips & ideas to help you improve as you use your Coach D kit. In particular, the Bootcamp 6-part video training series is great and full of strategies to help you to develop your skills with each session that you do.

Get the Best 7 on 7 Plays for All Age Groups

This is where we at Coach D go the extra mile: Our Complete Coach 7 on 7 plays Package divides the best 7v7 flag football plays, training schedules, and drills according to different age groups. We help you get the most out of your purchase by specifying which strategies best affect your team depending on how old your players are. Not only that, but we'll help you keep your team excited and eager to train and play by suggesting the right motivation for each age group. With this Coach Package, you'll know how to keep the kids engaged, how much to push them, and how to help them win every time. With us, you're not just coaching a flag football team; you're coaching a winning team.

The younger a player is, the more difference there is between ages. Your experience will be very different depending on whether you're coaching a team of 5-year-olds or a team of 8-year-olds. The younger kids might be more motivated by the excitement and the play part of the experience; sure, they want to win the game, but they want to be active and have fun more than anything else. Meanwhile, the older kids will have a more defined sense of themselves as players. Your 8-year-olds will be happy and interested when they finally nail a play that they've been struggling with; they'll be happy to see they're getting better, and they'll be interested in training almost as much as the game itself. With 11-year-olds, you'll see your players start to take their growth into their own hands. You'll have players who actively work on their weakest areas or who double down on their biggest strength to really shine.

In other words, it's essential to choose the right training schedule for your 7v7 flag football plays. Push younger kids too much and they might not be excited and lose interest; push the older kids too little and they might feel frustrated with how slowly they're improving. We can help you find that perfect middle ground for the age you work with.

While you have the Complete Guide for 7 on 7 Plays...

Why not buy yourself a comprehensive set of flag football equipment, too? You can upgrade your training with a full agility set including cones, resistance bands, agility ladders, jump ropes, and more. Give your team the best safety gear, such as our mouth guards and gloves, so they can go for the boldest plays without fear. Really get every kid invested by breaking down ideas and letting them write their own down using a dry-erase board.

After all, if you're invested enough to buy the Complete Coach Package, you're definitely invested enough to want the right equipment for the job. Get in there, Coach.

Are You Ready to Coach with The Unstoppable 7 on 7 Flag Football Plays?

If you're ready to start coaching - or you've been thrown into coaching like Coach D was, then the flag football playbook 7 on 7 is your dream come true. Join the hundreds of people who are successfully running football coaching sessions for youth throughout the USA and beyond. The Complete Coach Package is often offered with discounts and bonus elements, so check out the order section to see what's available today. There's a 30-day no-risk guarantee, so you can order with confidence and get coaching straight away. And, if you'd like to spread the cost, then we offer a 4-installment deal with ShopPay for packages over $50. Whichever package you choose, do it today and start putting big smiles on those kids' faces!

Looking for Youth Flag Football Plays 7 on 7? Try My Proven Plays!

7X7 is a great team formation that allows for some seriously impressive teamwork and strategy - but if you're used to 5 on 5 flag football plays, it can be tough to know where to start with 7 on 7. That's where Coach D comes in.

Whether You’re Looking For Simple Flag Football Plays 7 on 7 or Something More Advanced, I’ve Got You Covered.

Through experience, I've gained an appreciation and understanding of plays that any other online flag football coach might struggle to rival. Here are some examples of some of the content you can expect me to cover in my complete coaching bundle:

The best 7 on 7 flag football defense plays and drills. When using more players, defense becomes imperative to your team's victory. I'll share with you my defense drill pack, which will quickly bring your team's skills up to shape. The best 7 on 7 flag football defense strategies rely on a number of factors, mainly focused on positioning, which I'll fully break down. I don't just give you a 7 on 7 flag football defensive playbook - included in the bundle are also video tutorials and diagrams.

The art of 7 on 7 flag football plays with blocking, and, of course, plays with no blocking. A well-rounded team should be able to do both, effortlessly swapping plays with verbal communication. The natural inclination of coaches who teach other sports, such as basketball or soccer, might be to favor blocking, but it's important also to recognise the benefit of 7v7 flag football plays with no blocking. How to succeed with 7 on 7 flag football misdirection plays. The art of misdirection is highly important in flag football. My resources will help your players develop a sophisticated approach to this gameplay. 7 on 7 flag football trick plays are also essential to enabling a fast, exciting and fun game of flag football.

7 on 7 flag football running plays - the classic. Running plays are the bread and butter of many sports, and flag football is no different. Experienced coaches will be able to tailor their running plays to the abilities of their team. Though this can take time, it's worth it - as offensive strategies go, it's hard to beat. Discover more in my offensive drill pack, which contains all the drills your team needs to perfect this skill. The offense drill pack is included in my 7-on-7 complete package - scroll down for more info about the other resources included.

When coaching flag football, it is important to combine fun with beneficial practice. With our collection of unstoppable7v7 flag football plays, you can become the best coach you can be and give your players a flying start to their career. As a coach, the experiences you deliver will have an impact on whether your players develop a deep love for the sport and continue playing beyond their younger years.


Want Fun and Creative 7v7 Flag Football Plays?

We understand the time, effort and creativity that is needed to consistently produce new and exciting sessions for your team so we have a selection of packages available. With a variety of options for all ages, you are sure to find flag football7v7 plays, drills, templates and more for your team.

Elevate Your Team With This Unstoppable 7v7 Flag Football Plays

Utilize the time that you spend training with your team wisely and then watch as those skills translate onto the field. Your practice sessions are so important to developing camaraderie between players, learning formations,7v7 flag football trick plays and more so it is important to make them as beneficial as possible. With the help of our 7v7 flag football playbook, you will have all of the skills and knowledge of flag football strategy that you need to deliver quality sessions each and every time.

At the forefront of the industry, Coach D has the knowledge and experience required to take your team to the next level. If you have the drive and passion needed to coach 7v7flag football play, then you can benefit from purchasing one of our packages. Gone are the days of spending hours creating new flag football plays for 7v7. When you choose one of our packages, you are guaranteed quality training material that can be utilized time and time again to achieve results, no matter the age of your players.

You not only get plays, but everything you need to crush it as a coach - flag football drills, practices, templates, and other special features. That's one of our main differentiators, coaches can walk out on the field with 0 experience and crush it, not just with plays, but with everything.

Comprehensive 7v7 Flag Football Plays Packages that Guarantee Results

If you have the fundamental traits of a coach but are missing the material needed to deliver awesome practices and win some games, then you could benefit from our playbooks. Providing a range of flag football trick plays for 7v7, rest assured that you will find a package that suits your needs. Whether you are in need of extra material to add to your existing plans or full, comprehensive resources, or even a specific 7v7 flag football defense, we have you covered. In our range, you will find:

  • A minimum of 80 plays
  • Practice schedules
  • Exclusive videos
  • Drill packs
  • Templates
  • Wrist-band ready playsheets
  • Coach D's meet and greet schedule

... and so much more. Whatever you need to become the ultimate coach, we can provide.

Brilliant Youth Coaching Made Simple

When you know your football, it doesn’t seem so complex. Whether you’ve played it or not, it’s now your turn to pass it onto the next generation. But maybe that doesn’t seem so simple. What you need is our help. Coach D was once in your position, and he knows what it’s like. The desire to do well, to help the kids, to produce success and get the youngsters thinking positively and expecting to do well. And as a bonus, you want to have the other parents thanking you for doing a good job.

7 on 7 Football Plays That Work

It’s just a matter of scale. 7 on 7 prepares everyone for the real thing, full-size and full effect. We can supply you with 7 on 7 football drills and the seed is sown: the principle is the same. This is real football stripped back to the basics. The kids will learn the right ideas, so they will improve as individuals and as a team. And along the way you crush it as a coach. It gives us great pleasure to enable you in this way, so contact us today, and let’s get your coaching role started right!

Introduce The New 7 on7 Trick Plays in Flag Football Today

Change up your training sessions with our flag football trick plays for 7 on 7 today and take your team to the next level. Ensure your players reach their fullest potential with the help of Coach D. Give them the best start to their career with our materials. Browse our collections today or get in touch for personal tips and advice.
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Everything you need to be the COMPLETE COACH!!

Get the FULL Playbook + All-Ages Playbook Bundle + BOTH 20 Offense Drill Pack and 15 Defense Drill Pack in this COMPLETE COACH PACKAGE!!

This is the COMPLETE Flag Football Strategy & Play Calling System:  Get my most popular FULL Playbook PLUS ALL grade level Play Packs PLUS both of my popular drills packs in this Complete Coach Package. 


    • FULL Playbook = $37
    • ALL-Ages Playbook = $27
      • PK-1st Grade  = FREE
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The COMPLETE COACH Flag Football Strategy & Play Calling System includes ALL the above PLUS the Digital versions of the play packs!!

Details of the ALL-Ages Playbook:

Included in each Age-Based 24-Play Pack + 8-Week Practice Schedules: 

  • 24 Plays per age-group: Hand-picked and proven to work for the specific grade level.  Ideal for wristbands - but you can also get 1, 4, or 9 plays printed per page.
  • 8 Exclusive videos:
    • Plays Walk-Through - I'll walk you through each play, sharing why it was selected and the secret to making it work.  Perfect to pass on to parents and players to help them learn the plays.
    • Practice Schedule Walk-Through - I'll review the Meet & Greet along with the other customized practice schedules so you and your other coaches know exactly what to do from day 1.
  • FREE Meet & Greet Schedule: Minute-by-minute Meet & Greet schedule I use every year, along with links to videos to give you specifics on each warmup, drill, etc.  (Customized to each grade level)
  • FREE 8-Week Practice Schedules: Each week mapped out for you and your other coaches.  Minute-by-minute weekly practice schedule I use for every practice.  I include links to specific warm-ups and drills, along with time for breaks, running plays, and more.  (Customized to each grade level)
  • FREE Wristband-ready printable play-sheets: Want to use wristbands like I do? Perfect, you’ll receive bonus PDF play-sheets sized for wristbands. Simply print, laminate, put in the wristbands, and go! Call plays from the sideline and let your players execute. I LOVE wristbands and these are the EXACT plays I use each season. 


  • OVER 80 Plays broken down by age-group so you are only using the best plays for each age (PLUS 120 bonus plays)
  • 32 Practice Schedules broken down by age-group
  • Exclusive walk-through videos of every age-based play pack and practice schedule (sent immediately after checkout)
  • Print-Ready playGet exclusive PDFs with the exact sizes needed for wristbands. Simply print, insert, and go!


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Copyright © 2022 by Dwight Braswell

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

7 v 7 Play Breakdown:

A, B: Red, Green: Running Back

C, D, E: Blue, Grey, Orange: Wide Receiver

CT: Yellow: Center

Q: Black: Quarterback

Star: Getting the ball (1st option – if not open, the QB can throw to the open player) BF, AF, CF: F means fake, e.g. QB Fakes a handoff to A then throws to C

B1, C2: a number after the letter means B would get the ball first, then throw it to C (or handoff)

Ball: handoff or point of completion for a Receiver

Dotted line: Where the pass is thrown

7 v 7 Flag Football Formations


2 Running Backs behind the QB

  • 5-7 yards behind QB (to reach full speed at the line of scrimmage)
  • 5-7 yards from each other

Suitable for fakes or rush-heavy defense


2 Running Backs on either side of the center – shoe to

shoe C is lined up about 7 yards out

Suitable for fakes and quick handoffs

Ideal for quick slant completions


1 Running Back directly behind the QB or off to one side

  • 5-7 yards behind QB (to reach full speed at the line of

scrimmage) Suitable for fakes then long passes over the

defense (over the top) Good for power running or reverses


No Backfield - 2 Wide Receivers | Running Backs stacked on one side

Good for reverses

Suitable for cross and quick slant routes


All Wide Receivers & Running Backs line up on one side. It can be either tight or spread out, depending on the play. Good for throwing off defense (hurry up, so they don't have time to adjust). Suitable for fakes and trick plays.

SG (Shotgun)

The QB is 5-7 yards behind center. It takes a lot of practice (need a consistent Center). Good for avoiding the rush. Good for passing deep (over the top). Good for getting running backs to run full speed.

7 on 7 Passing Routes:

Flag Football Passing Route Tree
  1. Flat Route: Perfect for the screen pass (many leagues won't allow a pass behind the line of scrimmage, so check your rules and adjust accordingly)
  1. Quick Slant Route: Perfect for short, quick passes in between zone coverages. I use these a ton in my plays.
  1. Comeback Route: Outside curl – great for your short passing attack
  1. Curl Route: Perfect for your short passing attack, when they are covering your WRs deep, and you need a first down or are close to the endzone.
  1. Out Route: Make sure there is a substantial cut here, and the ball is thrown near the sideline so the WR can "win the sideline" for big yardage.
  1. In Route: Perfect with a fake handoff, then a quick pass over the middle in-between zone coverage. If congested in the middle, lead the WR closer to the sideline.
  1. Corner Route: If the CB (Cornerback) guards the WR on the inside, then the Corner is a great way to lose the coverage and "throw your WR open" on the sideline.
  1. Post Route: One of my favorites for deep completions "over the top" of the defense. I would use the Post with a hard cut to "shake" a fast CB and "free up" the WR.
  1. Fly Route: Perfect for the long ball when the defense allows the WR behind them. I usually like to do a fake handoff, then throw to the WR "over the top." This must be thrown as the WR is in full stride, so they can catch it and continue to run at full speed.

Here are Four Free 7 V 7 Flag Football Plays on us!

7 V 7 Play 1: Double Fake D Deep Post

Starting in the Single-Back Formation, this play is most suitable for fakes then long passes over the defense. Therefore it should be used when the defense gets preemptive (red-zone and short yardage situations).

The play starts with an under center snap, where the quarterback will roll slightly towards the pocket. The running back “BF” will receive the fake handoff, which they will continue to run towards the sideline as if they have received the ball. AF will also receive a fake handoff and run up the left sideline.

The Receivers

During the orchestration of the fake handoff, the center will take an out route switching direction after 5 yards. The “E” will also run up 5 yards before breaking down for a quick hitch/curl, as the “C” runs a fake comeback route, breaks down, and launches out for a fly route.

Most importantly the “D” will be running a standard slant route, which will allow the quarterback to throw over the defense, with the bailout of the “E” providing a short option for the quarterback to throw to, should the linebackers be privy to the slant route.

7 V 7 Play 2: Tight B Fake E Post

Beginning in the “tight” formation, this play is particularly effective against soft zone coverages when short yardage (<5 yards) is required.

Starting with an under center snap, the quarterback will begin to cheat to their right slightly, just past where the “BF” lines up.

The Receivers

The receivers will run the following routes:

  • C: Will run a quick slant up the field making sure to undercut all the other receivers in their path.
  • D: Will run a simple fly route up the field, making sure to check for the pass after 10 and 20 yards.
  • A: Goes 5 yards up the field and runs a simple out route towards the boundary.
  • CT: Runs a standard slant route, pivoting toward the left of the field after passing the 5 yard mark.
  • BF: Runs a flat, making sure to curl up past the line of scrimmage (especially if your league doesn’t allow a pass behind the LOS).
  • E: Finally, like the “CT”, the “E” will run a regular slant route towards the middle of the field, this pass will likely be the deepest route. Despite the large amount of space afforded to this receiver, this may not be your best passing option against a soft zone.

7 V 7 Play 3: Shotgun B Fake C Cross

The starting formation for this play will be the Shotgun which, due to the long snap, is perfect for avoiding the rush if a defense just keeps coming at you.

To start, the “CT” will snap the ball back 5-7 yards, aiming to hit the quarterback on his chest with the ball. Only run shotgun plays if your “CT” can execute longer snaps well, otherwise you won’t reap any of the benefits this formation offers.

The “BF” or running back will begin the motion by receiving a fake handoff and running towards the line of scrimmage to buy the quarterback even more time.

The Receivers

During this fake handoff, the receivers will be running the following routes:

  • D: Will run a simple fly route up the field, make sure your “D” receiver is fully focused on beating the cornerback upfield here, as the quarterback will have ample time to throw in the shotgun formation.
  • C: Runs a simple quick slant towards the other side of the field, running underneath the “A”s route to create space and separation from the linebacker pursuing.
  • CT: Like the “D” will run up the field following a fly route, he should be aiming to run this in a similar fashion to the “D” receiver.
  • A: Will run the inverse of the C’s route, with the only difference being that the “A” will run “over” the “C” route, creating space for the “C” underneath.
  • E: Also runs a fly route with the same instructions as the “CT” and “D”

The objective of this play is to look upfield for the “D” “CT” and “E” as they are the deep options, however, if these players are covered well, there will also be the option of “C”, who has found space underneath the “A” receiver’s route.

7 V 7 Play 4: Shotgun B Sweep

Once again this play will begin in the shotgun formation. Due to its versatility, this play will be best used on first downs. With infinite possibilities, the quarterback will be able to read the defense on this play and respond adequately.

The Read

This play can either be a pass or a run, to determine which, the quarterback should be reading the linebackers, if any linebackers 7 yards away from scrimmage, start heading towards the line of scrimmage, it may be best for the quarterback to hold onto the ball and search for receivers. However, if the quarterback notices that no linebackers are 7+ yards away from the line of scrimmage, they should definitely hand-off the ball as the running back will surely at least make it past scrimmage.

To begin with, let’s look at the role of the running back “B”, who will be anticipating the handoff. If they receive the handoff, they will run the ball towards the outside of where the “C” lined up. If they don’t receive the hand off, they should mimic exactly this play, except, without the ball.

The Receivers

The receivers in this play will run the following routes:

  • A: Will run a simple fly/go route up the field, turning their shoulders inwards when they’re ready to receive the ball.
  • D: Runs a simple In route towards congestion in the defense. This route will be around 5 yards upfield before a sharp turn inwards/towards the right of the field.
  • CT: Will run what looks like a quick slant for two to three yards before sharply cutting up the field for a fly route.
  • E: Runs a corner route, turning their shoulders toward the boundary line once they hit 5 yards upfield. Once they make that shift they should be looking to receive a pass over the top.
  • C: Cutting underneath the “E”, the C will run a slant route towards the center of the field, looking to receive once they hit around the center of the field.

If the play is misread by the defense and linebackers rush, the quarterback should be looking for an open option, likely the “D”, “CT” or “C” who are running up the center of the field.

Want to Learn More About my 7 on 7 plays? Get in touch!

If you've got any questions or would like to know more- either about my 7 x 7 bundle or about flag football in general - please reach out. I love hearing from people, and I read and respond to every message.

Otherwise, why not check out my complete 6 on 6 flag football playbook for other great coaching ideas?