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Coach D's Favorite Flag Football Equipment

Discover a Comprehensive Selection of Flag Football Equipment

Are you asking yourself "what flag football equipment is needed"? Then you have come to the right place. Everything you need to deliver quality practices can be found at Flag Football with Coach D. From agility ladders and training nets to mouth guards and gloves, we have your team covered.

As a flag football coach, you are likely to be the one to introduce your players to the sport, so it is important to make the first impression count. Your collection of equipment for flag football doesn't have to be complicated, it just needs to be utilized in the best way possible, and Coach D is by your side every step of the way.
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Use Flag Football Accessories to Teach the Kids Good Lessons

You already know that flag football can be great for kids' physical health, confidence, critical thinking, quick decision making, and teamwork. With the right approach, you can teach them valuable lessons to approach bigger problems later on too. By starting out with flag football accessories like gloves and mouthguards, you can teach your team to approach problems boldly but cautiously; after all, too many kids get an impression from their older peers that safety equipment is somehow uncool. You can prevent that early on.

Ensure Your Flag Football Equipment List is Comprehensive

Flag football has a relatively small equipment list in comparison to the full contact sport which makes your life as a coach so much easier. A few basic pieces of equipment are enough to set up quality practice sessions and teach skills that can be transferred into the real-life game. When going through your equipment list, ensure you have these staple items.

Agility Ladder

Although a simple concept, an agility ladder can transform your team. Being quick on the toes and able to change direction at speed are two essential skills in flag football for both offensive and defensive positions. Incorporating an agility ladder into every practice is a great decision.


Few pieces of equipment are as versatile as a set of cones. Coach D recommends getting different colors for different drills and laying out routes and plays. A basic set of equipment, they can be utilized to practice essential skills, build teamwork and demonstrate key positions to use during play. Our cones are multi-colored to further enhance your sessions.

Dry-Erase Board

Another versatile piece of equipment, a dry-erase board can be a big ally to a coach. From preparing for your sessions to creating visual representations of your plays and formations for your team, no coach should leave home without a dry-erase board. Choose a blank board or one that shows the flag football field. Whatever you need to succeed, we can provide.

Want to Crush Every Practice With The Right Flag Football Equipment?

So you have the passion, drive and all of the equipment, now it is time to translate these into beneficial practices for your team. For quality flag football plays, practice schedules, drill packs, templates and much more. Browse our packages, we have 5v5 football plays, unstoppable 6 on 6 flag football plays, and more. With Coach D by your side, you too can become the Complete Coach and help your team achieve greatness.

Our packages contain everything you need to become the best coach you can be and deliver fun yet beneficial practices time and time again. With a variety of packages available, you can find all of the materials necessary to create meaningful practices for all ages and all abilities.

The Right Flag Football Accessories Will Keep the Team Engaged

Routines can be good, but too much of anything is a bad thing. Training can't always be just running through plays or games; that can get dull very quickly. Without that dynamic aspect to the game, kids will lose interest. So, your flag football accessories can help you make each training session feel unique and fresh to the team. Has it been a few days in a row that they've been working on certain plays from the playbook? Give them a day on the agility ladder; not only will it keep things dynamic and engaging, but it will give the team an easy metric for seeing themselves get faster, stronger, and more coordinated.

Kids also learn in very different ways. Some learn more by doing, while others benefit more from seeing descriptions or diagrams. To make sure you're reaching everyone on your team, complement your coaching with a dry-erase coaching clipboard. Your visual learner kids will understand better and feel more involved, which is always beneficial for them and the team as a whole.

Deliver Quality Sessions With The Proper Flag Football Equipment!

There has never been a better time to transform your practices with new equipment and materials. Browse our collections today or get in touch for an additional flag football coaching tips, questions, or guidance. Elevate your team to the next level with Coach D.
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The Essential Flag Football Equipment for Coaches

I'll come right out and say it: finding good youth football practice equipment isn't easy. There are some cheap knockoffs on the market that won't serve your team well. Over the years, my teams have gone through countless wristbands, cones, ladders and uniforms during practices and games. That's why I stock some pieces of equipment I've found a) actually last and b) your team will love.

Durable Flag Football Gear That Your Team Will Love

Some pieces of kit I always recommend are:

  • Youth Football Play Wristbands. The wristbands are not only invaluable pieces of kit in terms of strategies - keeping up to three plays on each - but will also do wonders for your team's confidence. Fun fact: the first year that my team wore wristbands, they were undefeated. Is this due to the technical advantage of having the plays handy on your wrist or due to feeling like pros? Probably both.
  • Agility ladders. As a non-contact sport, flag football requires supreme levels of agility and footwork - no blundering around the pitch allowed! Agility ladders make for easy and fun drills, which can facilitate satisfying improvements in your players' coordination. Cones. The humble cone is an invaluable asset during training and can work well alongside the agility ladder. Again, it's all about coaching your players to achieve mobility, strategy, coordination and speed.
  • Coach’s Clipboard. This visual tool allows coaches to diagram and strategize plays, formations, and player positions. It helps the coach communicate the game plan effectively to the team before and during games, ensuring everyone is on the same page and understanding their roles and responsibilities.

My versions of this equipment are already being used by thousands of parents and coaches. Whether you're a beginner coach or parent, or a coaching pro, my equipment will take your sessions to the next level. Plus, you can purchase with confidence, knowing that I offer a 30-day return.

Be Prepared, With Coach D’s Must-Have Youth Football Practice Equipment

Being a playmaker for flag football requires intense skills and knowledge. Now, as the coach, it's your job to teach your players how to understand the plays involved in high-quality flag football. This means that you've got to understand it yourself, which can take time and effort.

Luckily, my playbook relieves some of that time and effort. You can find a selection of my finest flag football plays compiled in my playbook. Now, would I say that it's the best 7 on 7 flag football defensive playbook on the market?

Well, I'd say that all of it is from hard-won experience. When I first started coaching five years ago, I didn't have a clue what I was doing and had to scour the internet for drills, plays and general advice about how to coach a kick-ass flag football session. Some of it worked, and some of it didn't, but what worked is all here in the playbook.

After all, what's the point of having the fancy kit if you don't have the strategy to back it up? There's no point having your team outfitted in wristbands with top-notch equipment if they don't know how to use it!

So, please find, with the links below, a selection of equipment, plus my highly-reviewed playbooks, designed to take your game to the next level and crush your coaching session!

Questions? Please get in touch - I'm happy to help and provide the best possible customer experience.